Partner2Lose Study

About the Study

Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Weight loss, and maintenance of weight loss, improves heart disease risk factors, improves physical functioning, and quality of life.

We know that weight loss programs that combine dietary changes, increase in physical activity and that incorporate behavioral strategies like goal setting help people lose weight in the short-term. We are interested in finding out what might work to achieve initial weight loss, as well as maintaining that weight loss.

Eating and physical activity behaviors often are influenced by domestic partners. We are interested in finding out if including participants and their partners will improve how effective the program is for weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

230 couples will be enrolled into the 2-year study and will be assigned to either participate in nutrition, physical activity and weight loss classes and phone calls with their partner, or they will be assigned to participate in the classes and phone calls without their partner. All partners will participate in the data collection time-points for the duration of the study.